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Always Nourished Community

Welcome to the Always Nourished Community

Empowering you to build your Always Nourished Life with food for the mind, body, and soul 💕

What is the Always Nourished Community?

Welcome to the Always Nourished Community - a supportive space created by Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner & Chef Kenzie Osborne inspired by Dr. David Ludwig's revolutionary Always Hungry? Solution. While rooted in Ludwig's principles of lower glycemic load meals, self reflection, balanced nutrition, and metabolic health - the Always Nourished Community is designed to be an extension of the Always Hungry? Solution - with emphasis on a more flexible and customized approach. 

A Note from Coach Kenzie Osborne

As the lead coach of the Always Hungry? Solution, I personally love the science and evidence behind Dr. Ludwig's way of eating. Rather than counting calories, the Always Hungry? Solution places an emphasis on quality of food - promoting lower glycemic carbohydrates (higher in fiber), healthy fats, proteins, and lots of vegetables. This way of eating is associated with lower blood sugar levels, reduced hunger & cravings, and increased energy levels. As a result, clients feel better, are able to move around a bit more, and are satisfied with their food rather than left wanting more.

Though the science based background of the Always Hungry? Solution is one that I whole-heartedly agree with, I noticed there were challenges beyond-nutrition that my clients were facing... 

  • They found themselves flip-flopping between eating "perfectly" and going "off the rails" 

  • Food was a major source of stress, uncertainty, and overwhelm in their lives (worry about what they are eating, what they will eat later on, how they will reach their goals, etc.)

  • They would often worry about "losing control" over their food choices, and eating too many sweets or salty snacks in one sitting

  • They didn't have an hour every day to cook food - their lives were busy and unpredictable. 

  • Calculating macros at every meal felt overwhelming and confusing 

  • They worried about attending events or travelling - afraid it would inevitably "derail" progress  

  • They viewed themselves as "good" or "bad" depending on if they were "following the plan perfectly" or not. 

  • They faced emotional eating challenges - often using food as a method of soothing uncomfortable feelings such as stress, boredom, or sadness.

  • And... they've tried "every diet in the book" and none seem to work...

I created the Always Nourished Community to help others navigate their individual barriers to healthy eating outside of "just nutrition". Ie: relationship with food; lifestyle barriers such as budget, work schedule, or time; personal needs and preferences; dietary restrictions, etc.

The Always Nourished Way of Eating recognizes that nutrition is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We focus on the individual FIRST - then we create custom nutrition strategies that follow general guidelines from the Always Hungry? Solution (and other recent scientific research) AND that are sustainable, positive, and practical for each unique person.

Does This Sound Like What You Need?

If this sounds "up your ally", I would LOVE to connect with you and help you thrive in your journey to health and happiness. Join our community, come say hi, and let's help each other navigate our journey to an Always Nourished Life  💕